Insurance - A Primary Driver When Choosing Your Valet Parking Company

It should go without saying that insurance should be a number-one priority when you are hiring a valet parking service, but it’s surprising how often this crucial detail is overlooked. Think about it. You’re entrusting your guests and their vehicles to your chosen valet parking service.  In the unlikely event that a mishap occurs, you need to know you’re protected from any potential damages.

The First Question To Ask.
Here’s another vital piece of advice: Not only do you need to ensure that your valet parking service carries insurance, they need to be able to name you as “additional insured” for the entire course of your event. As an “additional insured” on our business insurance policy, you enjoy the benefits of our liability coverage should there be an insurance claim arising from LA Valet’s conduct or operations while we are providing valet parking services for you. This should be one of the first questions you ask a potential valet parking provider. Even if they do have insurance, if they can’t provide you with this level of protection, hang up and call someone else.

LA Valet carries a policy with one of the top-rated insurers in the industry – with the ability to name you as additional insured while we are serving as your valet parking service. What’s more, if any of our employees are injured on the job on your premises, they are covered by Workmen’s Compensation insurance. 

When you choose LA Valet as your valet parking company, you can breathe easy.
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