Valet Parking the Way It's Supposed to BE

Anyone who’s hired valet parking services can tell you that all valet parking companies are not all created equal. There are so many valet parking companies that simply don’t give you the kind of service you expect – and deserve. I founded LA Valet with a single goal in mind: to provide valet parking services the way they’re supposed to be performed.

I’m a third-generation valet parking professional with 10 years of caring for customers, their guests and their cars in one of Chicago’s top valet parking companies before starting my own valet service. I’ve worked every position from runner to running the company. When you hire LA Valet, one of the biggest differences you’ll encounter is that you’ll find me at every event, hands on, involved, making sure that everything is running smoothly. Because LA Valet is a family business, we pour our heart and soul into every event.

The LA Valet Way

Parking cars is just part of what we do. As your valet parking service, we’re your personal ambassadors, showing your guests just how important they are to you. When LA Valet is on the job, you won’t see windbreakers for uniforms, over worn-out or mismatched clothes. LA Valet parking attendants all wear our signature polos, coats and hats, with matching black pants and black shoes. Our attendants are always clean-shaven and presentable, and you’ll never see them lounging around, smoking, eating, drinking or using their cell phones.

Security is a prime consideration. Your guests’ keys won’t be placed in unsecured cabinets, they will be locked away in a steel podium that is not only secure, but pleasing to the eye.

My Personal Promise

My clients always remark how easy I am to deal with. When you call LA Valet for valet parking services, I personally take care of everything. There is no phone tag, miscommunication, or having to ask the same questions over and over. You talk, I listen. I’ll offer ideas and suggestions. What could typically be a long, frustrating ordeal takes a simple 20-minute phone call.

And the result? Just great, clean, smooth valet parking.

Lewis M. Luburich, President
LA Valet, Inc.
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